Greetings, fellow travelers! We are Luis & Pherla Grazia, owners of the El Valle RV Park. For years, we have loved exploring and discovering new cultures and lifestyles across the continent aboard our beloved Winnebago. Our years of travel experience, along with our local knowledge of this gorgeous, peaceful land are the perfect compliments to your unforgettable visit. From local winery and restaurant recommendations to hidden gem travel tips, rest assured that we will make our best effort to make your stay at El Valle RV Park one that you’ll remember forever.

At El Valle RV Park, you’ll find our head of security, “Lola”, and our public relations representative “Pecas” patrolling the park and keeping the peace. Their main job is to greet guests, chase lizards, and make sure everyone in the park is safe and sound. They may bark, but they never bite, and they love to play with visiting dogs, meet people, and most importantly, little snacks.